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debian/fcam-dev/usr/include/FCam/Base.h File Reference

Basic types and namespace for FCam API. More...

#include <stdlib.h>
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struct  FCam::Size
 A class to represent sizes of two dimensional objects like images. More...
struct  FCam::Rect
 A class to represent rectangles, like regions of an image. More...


namespace  FCam

Main namespace for the API.


#define fcamPanic(fmt,...)   panic(__FILE__, __LINE__, fmt, __VA_ARGS__)
 For lowest-level irrecoverable problems, the panic message simply dumps the error message to the terminal and exits immediately.


enum  FCam::ImageFormat {
  FCam::RGB24 = 0, FCam::RGB16, FCam::UYVY, FCam::YUV24,
  FCam::RAW, FCam::UNKNOWN, FCam::RGB24 = 0, FCam::RGB16,
  FCam::UYVY, FCam::YUV24, FCam::RAW, FCam::UNKNOWN

The various image formats supported by FCam.

enum  FCam::BayerPattern {
  FCam::RGGB = 0, FCam::BGGR, FCam::GRBG, FCam::GBRG,
  FCam::NotBayer, FCam::RGGB = 0, FCam::BGGR, FCam::GRBG,
  FCam::GBRG, FCam::NotBayer

The various types of bayer pattern.



int FCam::bytesPerPixel (ImageFormat)
 How many bytes per pixel are used by a given format.

Detailed Description

Basic types and namespace for FCam API.

This file declares some basic FCam types, utility functions, and enums

Definition in file Base.h.