Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
FCam::_DNGFrameA _Frame struct with added custom fields to encode DNG fields and a DNG thumbnail
FCam::_FrameA struct containing the data that makes up a Frame
FCam::ActionAn abstract base class for actions
FCam::AsyncFileWriterThe AsyncFileWriter saves frames in a low priority background thread
FCam::AutoFocusThis class does autofocus, by sweeping the sensor back and forth until a nice thing to focus on is found
FCam::CopyableAction< Derived >For convenience, derived FCam::Action Action classes may inherit from this so they don't have to implement the FCam::Action::copy method
FCam::DeviceAn abstract base class for devices
FCam::DNGFrameA DNGFrame is constructed by loadDNG, and contains all the metadata found in a DNG file
FCam::Dummy::PlatformStatic platform data about the Dummy platform and its pretend image sensor
FCam::Dummy::SensorThe Dummy simulator image sensor class
FCam::Dummy::ShotDummy::Shot collects parameters for simulating a frame capture with the Dummy sensor
FCam::EventAn Event marks a change in device state or an error condition
FCam::EventGeneratorA base class for things that generate events
FCam::F2::_FrameA _Frame struct with added custom fields for the extra F2 capabilities
FCam::F2::FlashAn F2 specific Flash Device for Phidgets triggered flash units
FCam::F2::Flash::StrobeStartActionThis action marks the beginning of a strobing sequence on a strobe enabled flash unit
FCam::F2::Flash::StrobeStopActionThis action marks the end of a strobing sequence on a strobe enabled flash unit
FCam::F2::FrameF2::Frame is data returned by an F2::Sensor as a result of a shot
FCam::F2::LensThe F2 Lens device
FCam::F2::PhidgetDeviceA manager and base class for Phidgets based devices
FCam::F2::PhidgetFlashA helper class for the F2::Flash class that handles Phidget communications
FCam::F2::PlatformStatic platform data about the F2 and its main image sensor
FCam::F2::SensorF2::Sensor manages the Aptina MT9P031 image sensor on the F2 Frankencamera
FCam::F2::ShotF2::Shot collects parameters for capturing a frame with support for all the parameters of the F2 Frankencamera
FCam::F2::ShutterButtonA simple shutter button class that generates an FCam::Event each time the Phidget based shutter button is pressed or released
FCam::FlashAn abstract base class for camera flashes
FCam::Flash::FireActionAn action to fire the flash during an exposure
FCam::Flash::TagsA flash adds the tags "flash.brightness", "flash.start", "flash.duration", and "flash.peak", as described below
FCam::FrameData returned by the sensor as a result of a shot
FCam::HistogramA histogram returned by the histogram generator
FCam::HistogramConfigThe configuration of the histogram generator
FCam::ImageA reference-counted Image object
FCam::LensAn abstract base class for lens devices, to establish a uniform interface to common lens functions
FCam::Lens::ApertureActionAn Action to initiate a change in aperture during an exposure (for example, for apodization)
FCam::Lens::FocusActionAn Action to initiate a change in focus during an exposure (for example, for rubber focus)
FCam::Lens::TagsA lens adds the following tags to a frame: "lens.focus", "lens.focusSpeed", "lens.initialFocus", "lens.finalFocus", "lens.zoom", "lens.zoomSpeed", "lens.initialZoom", "lens.finalZoom", "lens.aperture", "lens.apertureSpeed", "lens.initialAperture", "lens.finalAperture"
FCam::Lens::ZoomActionAn Action to initiate a change in zoom during an exposure (for example, for zoom blur)
FCam::N900::FlashThe LED flash on the Nokia N900
FCam::N900::FrameThe N900 Frame class
FCam::N900::LensThe Lens on the Nokia N900
FCam::N900::PlatformStatic platform data about the N900 and its main image sensor
FCam::N900::SensorThe N900 Image Sensor class
FCam::PlatformThe abstract base class for static platform data
FCam::RectA class to represent rectangles, like regions of an image
FCam::SensorA base class for image sensors
FCam::SharpnessMapA sharpness map returned by the sharpness map generator
FCam::SharpnessMapConfigThe configuration of the sharpness map generator
FCam::ShotShot collects parameters for capturing a frame
FCam::SizeA class to represent sizes of two dimensional objects like images
FCam::TagValueThe values with which a Device can tag a Frame
FCam::TimeTime represents a wall clock time
FCam::TSQueue< T >Basic thread-safe consumer/producer queue