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debian/fcam-dev/usr/include/FCam/processing/Color.h File Reference

Assorted color manipulation utilities. More...

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namespace  FCam

Main namespace for the API.


int FCam::xyToCCT (float x, float y)
 CIE 1931 x,y to correlated color temperature approximation function.
void FCam::kelvinToXY (int T, float *x, float *y)
 Blackbody radiator color temperature to CIE 1931 x,y chromaticity approximation function.
void FCam::invert3x3 (float *in, float *out)
 Compute a 3x3 matrix inverse.
void FCam::colorMatrixInterpolate (const float *a, const float *b, float alpha, float *result)
 Linearly interpolates two 3x4 color matrices a and b using interpolant alpha.


const float FCam::RGBtoXYZ [9]
 3x3 conversion matrix from linear sRGB to CIE XYZ

Detailed Description

Assorted color manipulation utilities.

This file declares several functions to manipulate color temperatures and color conversion matrices.

Definition in file Color.h.